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86 talking about this. [37], A December 2018 collaboration event with Compile Heart introduced protagonists of Hyperdimension Neptunia to Azur Lane. There are six scheduled Blu-ray volumes, with each volume containing two episodes. Orochi fades away and the Sirens withdraw, with Observer noting that even though their plan failed, the shipgirls exceeding their expectations means Humanity still has a future. Belfast of Town Class Light Cruiser of Royal Navy 1061 x 1500 31. Skills; Burn Order Increase this ship's DMG with HE by 15.0% (25%) and chance to ignite enemies by 1.5% (3%). Sivana East Retina - Belfast International Airport Logo. 809*460 Size:291 KB. Players can purchase food using fuel or in-game currency. 5366 x 2813 19. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. [19], Many young and some critically acclaimed voice actors lent their talents to the game. This console adaptation was developed by Felistella using Unreal Engine 4 and was published by Compile Heart on August 29, 2019. When the player moves their fleet across the map, they can be ambushed in random encounters from which they may take damage, or they can be forced to engage the enemy, using fuel and ammo. 58. [6], The game features a player versus player mode. Belfast Sink With Draining Board. Recently Changed Pages. [5] An anime television series for AzurLane: Slow Ahead! Show 3D model information. [13] Players may also give customized names to married characters but may only do so every 30 days for each character. Submarine and anti-submarine warfare systems were introduced in May 2018. Azur Lane HMS Belfast Dakimakura Anime Body Pillow Cover Case-Size: 150cm x 50cm-Fabric: Peach Skin-Double Sided Print with Zipper-Case ONLY, No Pillow Included. Kaga quickly realizes that Akagi is possessed by Orochi, but Orochi torments Kaga by pointing out Akagi only loved her because she inherited some of Amagi's parts. Belfast (Azur Lane) Search for more . As well, monuments can be awarded by clearing event stages. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Enterprise then arrives in her berserk state and easily defeats Zuikaku and Shoukaku. ", "New Chinese KanColle clone gains popularity in Japan, riles up some patriotic Twitter users", "星汉灿烂 | 第15届中国动漫金龙奖获奖名单!!! - 二次元内参 - 中国动漫金龙奖", "ガチャゲーで疲れた心を癒してくれる……最近流行ってる『アズールレーン』が魅力的過ぎる話 [ファミ通App]", "マフィア梶田の二次元が来い!:第376回「三十路を迎えたPaniPani指揮官のアズールレーン」", "【偶像艦B】Dwango董事認為碧藍航線只是單純偶像遊戲,缺乏艦これ的悲壯感 - ACGer:日系ACG情報資訊及評論網站", Grisaia: Phantom Trigger the Animation Stargazer,, Anime television series based on video games, Video games about World War II alternate histories, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Instances of Lang-ja using second unnamed parameter, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from June 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "ACTIVATION - The Girls Who Soar on the Seas". The game has been adapted into several manga and novelizations. The ranking is refreshed every 15 days. manga by studios CANDYBOX and Yostar Pictures premiered on January 12, 2021. "You Need Something Sweet After a Workout...", Javelin, Ayanami, Laffey & Z23 offers to help, With Ayanami's addiction to video games began to have a noticeable effect on Z23's class, she, and Javelin decided to set out and enlist the help of a Meowfficer from, The four protagonists (Laffey, Javelin, Ayanami, and Z23) scour around to find ingredients for the, This page was last edited on 6 February 2021, at 07:47. 20 Belfast (Azur Lane) HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Ayanami then arrives to battle Kaga. Handle within 24 Hours; Track Page Views With Auctiva's FREE Counter. Belfast (Azur Lane) 6 Fav. [29], A special program featuring voice actress Yui Ishikawa visiting the office of one of developers, Manjuu Ltd., in Shanghai was aired on the Japanese streaming television platform AbemaTV in May 2018. Ayanami wakes up in the Azur Lane base as a prisoner of war. A new game mode "Operation Siren" was announced on Twitter on December 13, 2020 for a late December release. Ayanami tells her friends she wants to help stop the fighting between Azur Lane and the Sakura Empire, and Javelin, Laffey, and Unicorn agree to help her. [39] In April 2019, the WoWS collaboration was further extended by season 2, introducing new characters into both games. Belfast (Azur Lane) 7 Fav. 205. Wikis. The localization features Japanese voice-overs and sold in both digital and retail formats. 1920 x 1080 17 PNG. [32] In September 2018, Yostar announced the new term would be "kansen" (艦船). "BLUE WATERS - May the Azure Lanes Bless You", Orochi launches the missile at the Azur Lane base, and Enterprise heads off to intercept it despite Purifier's attempts to interfere. (1/5)", "Sutōrī|Terebi Animēshon "Azūru Rēn" Kōshiki Saito", "Watch Azur Lane Sub & Dub | Action/Adventure, Fan Service Anime | Funimation", "On'ea|Terebi Animēshon "Azūru Rēn" Kōshiki Saito", "Sutōrī|Terebi Anime "Azūru Rēn Bisoku Zenshin!" Belfast - Azur Lane [VRChat] Irisdecent Rose. [55], Azur Lane Crosswave, a 3D shooter game for PlayStation 4 was announced in September 2018. [6] Characters may passively gain experience points and recover morale when they are given food by players. [9], Additional mechanics were introduced after the game's release. Self Introduction Play: Good day to you. At the Sakura Empire base, Prinz Eugen sneaks into Orochi's harbor in an attempt to steal it, but Kaga activates Orochi and sails it out of the base. It features the character based on HMS Javelin and three of the game's other protagonists. That night, the three of them reaffirm their desire to befriend Ayanami. Smokescreen: Light Cruisers 10 seconds after battle begins, and 20% chance to activate every 20s after that: deploy a smokescreen that increases Evasion Rate by 15.0% (35%) and decreases DMG taken from enemy aircraft by 15.0% (35%) for all your ships inside it. manga was announced on December 24, 2019. Jin Haganeya, writer for Demonbane, agreed to write the script for the game's anime adaptation. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 XP4 Fanfics 3.1 XP4 Heroes Coalition - Azur Lane 3.2 XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries 4 Abilities 5 Trivia 6 Gallery Belfast is tall with a slender frame … Kōshiki Saito", "FINAL UPDATE: Crunchyroll Announces Winter 2021 Anime Lineup! She is able to destroy the missile, but is knocked out by the blast. 4-Panel Manga Gets 'Animated Footage, "Azur Lane Bisoku Zenshin Anime Reveals Short Format, January TV Premiere, Staff, Cast", "Azur Lane Bisoku Zenshin Anime Shorts' Promo Video Reveals January 11 Debut", "Shōhin Jōhō|Terebi Anime "Azūru Rēn Bisoku Zenshin!" An official yonkoma comic, titled Azur Lane: Very Slow Advance!, is being published in Ichijinsha's magazine Manga 4-koma Palette. 5016 x 3541 34. $359.00 + $20.00 shipping. New Hobby Max MINICRAFT Series Deformed Posable Figure Non Scale Azur Lane Belfast Ver. Belfast reminds Enterprise that shipgirls are humans as well, which is something she must learn to embrace. [49] Azur Lane Comic Anthology, a comic anthology series currently up to four volumes, is being published by Ichijinsha and sold on Amazon Japan. Fuel is one of the two in-game resources. Steam Community: Wallpaper Engine. 4096 x … [17], The developers sought to further differentiate the game by featuring characters based on preserved museum ships from earlier times, such as the pre-dreadnought battleship Mikasa of World War I, which was served as a flagship during the Russo-Japanese war, and the Russian protected cruiser Avrora, the ship famed for its October Revolution involvement. Javelin and Laffey show Ayanami around the base, and Ayanami is caught off guard that none of the Azur Lane shipgirls bear any ill will towards her. World of Warships, a World War II naval warfare simulation game popular in China, influenced some of the gameplay design. codealdnoah. Last updated 11 August 2020 6:29PM. Players receive no penalty if they lose a challenge or their defence fleet is defeated by other players. [17] The game's notable voice actors include Yui Ishikawa,[20] Rie Takahashi[21] and Risa Taneda. While there, the three decided to do pillow fights before bed, until Laffey inadvertently throws her pillow at Z23, who she just came in. [17] Seeing many similar games created in Greater China after Kantai Collection's success, the developers aimed to create "something different from previous works of ship moe anthropomorphism". [30] However, misuse during the program of the trademarked term "kanmusu" (艦娘) to refer to the game's personified warship characters led to Yostar being publicly warned by, publisher of Kantai Collection. Belfast (Azur Lane) 6 Fav. $191.00 + $20.00 … A Nintendo Switch port of the game was released in Japan on September 17, 2020, and is set to release on February 16, 2021 in North America and on February 19, 2021 in Europe. Zatwierdź ; Ciekawe rzeczy; Polski Zaloguj; Zarejestruj; Wallpaper Abyss Belfast (Azur Lane) Wyświetlono elementów: 19 | Belfast (Azur Lane) Filtr: Belfast (Azur Lane) tapet 4K Ultra HD Informacje Alpha Coders 19 Tapety 5 Tapety … Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. are regularly posted on the game's Japanese Twitter account as a means of promotion. Xiamen's Yongshi Ltd. (Chinese: 厦门勇仕网络技术有限公司) was responsible for programming, game data design and content. Belfast is a Light Cruiser from the Royal Navy and is part of the Town-class. In this mode, battles are controlled entirely by AI, and the bullet-clearing effect of airstrikes is disabled. [url=] numikky [/url] 4167x2834 9,867kB. Hornet and Hammann pay a visit to the hospital, only to find an empty bed. KR: 벨파스트) Construction Time 01:25:00: Rarity Super Rare ★★★★★★ Class Town (Edinburgh subclass) ID 115 Faction Royal Navy: Classification Light Cruiser: Belfast. [6] The alliance split in two because of alien intervention with Iron Blood and Sakura Empire form an opposing faction, "Crimson Axis", using technology provided by the aliens to invade "Azur Lane" countries. An English-language version started open beta in August 2018 and was formally released in May 2019. Virus scan. Believing that around 10 people would suffice, Li later admitted his mistake in only having four full-time employees and two interns before the game's release, as they had to work from morning until midnight as the game's popularity grew until the end of 2017. Her first appearance is on episode 2 but introduced in episode 3. Azur Lane Comic Anthology, a comic anthology series currently up to four volumes, is being published by Ichi… [72] Crunchyroll licensed the series. [6] XD Global published the South Korean version in March 2018. Belfast/Commander (Azur Lane) (13) Commander/Enterprise (Azur Lane) (4) Prince of Wales/Prinz Eugen (Azur Lane) (3) Commander/Sirius (Azur Lane) (3) Bismarck/Hood (Azur Lane) (3) Belfast & Commander (Azur Lane) (3) Commander/King George V (Azur Lane) (3) Atago/Cleveland (Azur Lane) (3) Other Relationship Tags to Be Added (2) Exclude Additional Tags Vaginal Sex (20) Romance (18) Fluff … "HOPE - Light Shines Through The Darkness". 3D Model. 686*600 Size:104 KB. Free shipping. Characters in their chibi forms may be put in the furnished Dormitory where they can walk around and sit, sleep, or bathe. Anime; … The player may prepare a defence fleet and organize an offence fleet to challenge opposing players' defence fleets. The companies share joint authorship of the game and share its copyright, with a 65%/35% share of its revenue. Enterprise continues to have disturbing dreams of the alternate version of herself while the Azur Lane shipgirls still cannot learn anything about the true purpose of the Black Mental Cube. Click and drag "rootTransform" from Belfast to the box left of the "rootTransform" of equipment (there should now be a lock where the box was). 16,304. Broke Free From Traditional Conference Offerings With - Queens University Belfast New Logo. Azur Lane Crosswave, a 3D adaptation for PlayStation 4, was published by Compile Heart on August 29, 2019 with mixed reception. An official yonkoma comic, titled Azur Lane: Very Slow Advance!,[c] is being published in Ichijinsha's magazine Manga 4-koma Palette. Jeko98 - 3 years ago. 121 Like. Kaga regains consciousness as the Sakura Empire fleet regroups, but Akagi remains missing and their mass produced sirens are inoperable. An anime television series adaptation was announced in September 2018. When preparing for the game's main mode, players can organize two fleets consisting of a front row and a back row, with three slots available in each row. Critics have attributed the game's popularity to its original and well-designed gameplay system. [41], A collaboration with Sunrise Inc. in May 2018 featured a crossover plotline with the anime Armored Trooper VOTOMS. [11], The game sports a "Dormitory" feature. [31] More than a thousand submissions were received. Should a character fall in battle, they cannot join in further action on the map and a larger number of morale points are deducted for the fallen character at the end of the battle. Realizing what she's done, Enterprise finally realizes that she's afraid of the ocean. They reassure her that every shipgirl's body is different, and she should be proud of her own. Pixiv Id 17104146, Azur Lane, Belfast (Azur Lane), Serene Steel. [86] Mafia Kajita noted the two games had different focuses: Kantai Collection is centred on resource management while Azur Lane is a simulation game about dodging danmaku bullets while shooting the enemy. Ammo points are assigned to player fleets at each map, with one ammo point deducted at each battle. However, Orochi is protected by an impenetrable shield, and the shipgirls are unable to inflict any damage. [22], Shanghai's Manjuu Ltd. provided the audiovisual design and the writing for Azur Lane. 6 Blu-ray Shokai Seisan Genteiban", "Ship Girl Smart Phone Game Azur Lane Sets Sail as a TV Anime", "How Azur Lane is able to rival Kantai Collection's popularity in Japan | RPG Site", "Azur Lane Guide - Which starter ship should you choose? 737*1000 Size:459 KB. I finally have fun again in Azur lane, the break was a good idea. Realizing the danger Orochi poses, both Azur Lane and Red Axis independently mobilize to attack it. Category:Azur Lane | Yuri Wiki | Fandom. As Enterprise rejoins the battle, Zuikaku manages to snap Kaga back to her senses by headbutting her. Azur Lane x DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation Collaboration Goes Live", "Boat Girls Become Manga Stars in "Azur Lane" 4-Koma", "『アズールレーン』初のコミックアンソロジーが発売―表紙には「エンタープライズ」と「三笠」が! | インサイド", "Azur Lane Warship Girl Game Gets TV Anime by Grisaia Director, Studio", "Azur Lane: Crosswave Adds Kongou And Mikasa To Its Roster Of Shipgirls", "Compile Heart reveals Azur Lane Crosswave for PlayStation 4 | RPG Site", "Azur Lane: Crosswave PS4 Game Slated for 2019", "Azur Lane Crosswave heading westward in 2020 for PlayStation 4 | RPG Site", "Azur Lane: Crosswave coming to Switch on September 17 in Japan", "Azur Lane: Crosswave for Switch coming west in 2021", "Azur Lane: Crosswave for Nintendo Switch Reveals Release Window for North America & Europe", "Azur Lane: Crosswave Western Release Dates for Nintendo Switch", "Azur Lane Anime Reveals Visual, October Premiere", "Azur Lane Anime's Episodes 11, 12 Delayed to March", "Funimation to Stream Azur Lane, No Guns Life Anime", "Funimation's Fall 2019 Lineup Ramps Up the Action! Chapters of Very Slow Advance! I have duties as the head maid while being the Royal Navy's greatest cruiser. Azur Lane is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up, simulation and role-playing video game. Belfast/Enterprise (Azur Lane) (34) Atago/Cleveland (Azur Lane) (3) Commander/King George V (Azur Lane) (2) Commander/Enterprise (Azur Lane) (1) Akagi/Commander (Azur Lane) (1) Amagi/Commander (Azur Lane) (1) Bismarck/Hood (Azur Lane) (1) Hornet & Northampton (Azur Lane) (1) Cleveland/Hornet (Azur Lane) (1) Jean Bart/Massachusetts (Azur Lane) (1) Exclude Additional Tags Romance (10) Yuri … [8] The game is also notable for including preserved museum ships as its characters such as Japanese Mikasa and Russian Avrora. After having a normal time in the classroom, apart from Laffey constantly attempting to stay awake, the three girls, Z23 included, ate together at lunch and decided to sleep with Laffey in her dorm room. Observer watches the battle from a distance, and notes that Enterprise is the "key". [14] Furthermore, a few of the most popular characters will also gain unique wedding dress costumes for the wedding. This long-awaited event was announced on the game's Facebook page on August 13. 2750 x 4800 99. [69] The series is directed by Masato Jinbo and written by Yū Satō at Yostar Pictures and CANDY BOX, with Hiromitsu Hagiwara designing the characters, and Shade composing the series' music. Super Groupies Azur Lane Watch Ayanami Model. Add to Embed Share Report. 2,739 Pages. [82], Azur Lane was very popular in its home country, contributing to most of Bilibili's 2018 Q1 revenue along with the Chinese release of Fate/Grand Order. [92][93] Japanese writer, actor and radio personality Mafia Kajita was impressed by the tight shooter controls. Slide it compleatly to the right. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. RPG Site wrote the game "acts as an important lesson on how a Chinese-made title can gain popularity in Japan by offering originality in its gameplay". [18] A series of characters based on proposed or unfinished World War II warships, including Neptune, Saint-Louis and Ibuki, were introduced as part of a collaboration with Wargaming, publisher of World of Warships. Other gameplay elements, like customizing a home and marrying in-game characters, are also present. 62. Pobierz za darmo na wszystkie swoje urządzenia - komputer, smartfon lub tablet. 2281 x 3623 26. An early version of the game featured a combat system of a five-character fleet in a single or double column line of battle. 2113*1875 Size:121 KB. Various cat breeds can be obtained at a cattery. ponytail, Azur Lane, Belfast (Azur Lane), jean bart (azur lane), Seattle (Azur Lane), Shoukaku (Azur Lane), dress, anime, anime girls | 1920x1080 Wallpaper ", "『アズールレーン』5月31日より開催の重桜イベント情報や、新たな艦種「潜水艦」が公開!アズレンTVまとめ | インサイド", "『アズールレーン』新システム「オフニャ」の詳細が公開―「スキル」や「アビリティ」で艦隊を強化! | インサイド", "First Impressions: An Initial Look at Azur Lane", "KanColle Imitation Azur Lane Doing Well In Japan, About To Get Bigger With New Marriage System - Siliconera", "Azur Lane - Oath (Marriage) and First Event on Global", "《碧蓝》CP勇仕申请挂牌新三板:《碧蓝》半年流水5.66亿 | 新闻 - 游戏茶馆", "Azur Lane English version has been officially announced by Yostar", "Azur Lane English open beta test will be launched on August 16 | RPG Site", "Azur Lane Receiving Brand New UI As Open Beta Ends", "1周年を迎えた『アズールレーン』の運営会社「Yostar」社長、李衡達氏にインタビュー! | ゲーム★マニアックス | ANIMAX", "UPDATED: Artist Responds to Azur Lane Game Controversy Linking Feminism to 'Antisocial Groups, "[Qoo Otaku] KanColle tells Azur Lane: Please change name", "Yostar、『アズールレーン』のキャラクターの総称を「艦船(KAN-SEN)」に決定! | Social Game Info", "Azur Lane x Wedding VR Crowdfunding Project Fails to Meet Goal", "Azur Lane's latest crossover is bishojo RPG Hyperdimension Neptunia", "World of Warships x Azur Lane Collaboration: Coming Soon! She then meets Akashi, who tells her about Akagi's alliance with the Sirens. Now, while having equipment root selected, in the box to the right of model list is a slider named "Zero". Her CVs are Yui Horie (Japanese) and Lindsay Seidel (English). Javelin and Laffey take a bath with Unicorn, who reveals she's self conscious about her large breasts despite her small size. Both the Red Axis and Azur Lane fleets attack Orochi and the Siren fleet, agreeing to work together to fight their mutual foe. no reviews 0 reviews. DY47 - Belfast Azur Lane lingerie - Hidori_Rose [Dokta Y] Category: Real Life - Photobooks / Pictures She and the other senior shipgirls attempt to examine the Black Box. Nardack refused to comply, and her artwork was then removed. It features the character based on HMS Javelinand three of the game's other protagonists. Event JP Audio Transcription Notes; Ship Description Edinburgh-Class light cruiser ー Belfast, Hull number C35! The anime is directed by Tensho, director of Grisaia and Rewrite's anime adaptations, with writer Jin Haganeya, and Yasunori Nishiki composing the series' music. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. As "punishment" for disobeying orders and saving Ayanami, both Javelin and Laffey are assigned to supervise her. Belfast (Azur Lane) 7 Fav. Crosswave's English localization was released on February 13, 2020 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Belfast is a light cruiser of Royal Navy. Azur Lane's producer, Yuwan,[a] a well-known uploader to the Chinese video sharing website Bilibili, began developing the game with five of his college friends, with the initial notion of "creating a doujin game, if a commercial one is not possible". They can be trained to provide buffs when brought along with fleets to battle. [50] Azur Lane Queen's Orders, a manga centering around the characters based on HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Warspite, is being published by Ichijinsha in Comic Rex. 10 seconds after battle begins, and 20% chance to activate every 20 seconds after that: deploys a smokescreen for 10 seconds. [64] May'n performed the series' opening theme song "graphite/diamond", while Kano performed the series' ending theme song "Hikari no Michishirube". The rest of the game's main plot partially follows the United States naval engagements in the Pacific War. Belfast holding a cake for Azur Lane's 1st anniversary Yuudachi , Takao , Belfast, Akagi and Kaga in a loading screen Belfast in her Iridescent Rose skin with St. Louis and Enterprise Personifications of American destroyer USS Laffey (DD-459), British destroyer HMS Javelin and German destroyer Z23 (Chinese, English release) or Japanese destroyer Ayanami (Japanese, Korean release) are available for players to select as a starter ship. Azur Lane players may obtain characters based on ships from World of Warships through a new interface called "Development Dock", while World of Warships players may purchase Azur Lane characters as voiced captains, and skins for ships based on design elements of Azur Lane's namesake characters. All the while. Later, on December 18, English version was expanded to Latin American region. Belfast - Azur Lane Cleveland Guide. Sustained low morale for a character decreases their stats and affection points. The game features an eponymous military alliance, "Azur Lane", formed by nations of Eagle Union (United States), Royal Navy (United Kingdom), Sakura Empire (Empire of Japan) and Iron Blood (Nazi Germany). 7.6k. Free shipping. Uploaded by Deadcola123. View and download this 4167x2834 Belfast (Azur Lane) image with 5 favorites, or browse the gallery.

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